Sustainable Health Choices
Sustainable Health Choices seeks to help alleviate your pain and imbalances in order to help you grow out of patterns that impede you physically, emotionally, or mentally. There is not only focus on giving relief and educating you, but also delivering compassionate care to ensure that you are heard and respected.

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Structural Integration

Structural Integration Consultation - $85
An SI initial consultation, which includes an assessment and short treatment, and will introduce you to structural work.
12 Series Session - $115
The KMI series is designed to progressively build support, sturdiness,and balance throughout the structural system. The work is done systematically over the course of 12 sessions, and follows the Anatomy Trains map.
Post Series Tune Up - $100
3 Series Session - $115
The 3 series is a deeper introduction to structural integration, and has 3 sessions to address one major headline in the legs, feet, and pelvis; abdomen and ribcage; and the neck and spine.


Tibetan Acupressure Treatment - $65
Incredible system for pain relief. Used to treat sciatica, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and a variety of other muscular and nervous system imbalances/pain syndromes. This is compassionate touch delivered to acu points on the feet, legs, hands, shoulders, head, and back. It is administered with the client sitting upright and fully dressed in a chair or wheelchair.

Massage Therapy

1 Hour Swedish Massage - $70
Most common and best known type of massage. Swedish massage includes gliding strokes, kneading, vibration, shaking, tapping and joint mobilization. Swedish massage can be invigorating or deeply relaxing, depending on the desired outcome.
90 Minute Swedish Massage - $100
1 Hour Deep Tissue Massage - $70
Massage strokes are used to lengthen, spread and separate muscle groups and fascial planes of tissue. Pressure is often slow and deliberate. This type of massage is commonly referred to as ‘deep tissue’, but does not have to be “deep” to be effective.
90 Minute Deep Tissue Massage - $100
1 Hour Oncology Massage - $70
Oncology massage therapy provides gentle, nurturing touch that can be a complementary and positive support for individuals that are actively fighting or recovering from cancer.
90 Minute Oncology Massage - $100
1 Hour Hot Stone Massage - $80
Hot temperature applications have four main effects on soft tissue: including pain relief, muscle relaxation, blood vessel dilation, and increased oxygen. The heat from the stones stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin, decreasing pain signal transmissions to the brain. It also helps with stretching and friction techniques on the soft tissues around the spine and other joints.
90 Minute Hot Stone Massage - $110
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